January 10 2011

Converting Windows Media playlist (WPL) to iTunes / iPhone

I’ve recently got my first iPhone and assumed that all of my Windows Media playlists would never work on the iPhone. Well there seems to be a way that worked for me.

  1. Save your WMP playlist as an M3U file.  To do this you can use the “Save Playlist As” option from the list pane when you’re editing the playlist. Then change the “Save as type:” field from WPL (the default) to M3U and also specify the name and location of the file.
  2. Open Windows Explorer to the directory where you saved the M3U file.
  3. Open iTunes alongside Windows Explorer.
  4. Drag the M3U file from Windows Explorer to the PLAYLISTS section of iTunes. (If you want to create it as a new playlist be sure to drop it in the left-hand pane under the PLAYLISTS section.)  This process will then read the M3U file and create the playlist in iTunes.
  5. Connect your iPhone and drag your new playlist over to your iPhone.


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