March 26 2010

Find resource name for SCCM GUID

You will often see the below error or similar in SCCM:

MP has rejected a policy request from GUID:2904FFA9-C49D-48B3-BE9B-D4B4FFEF7C96 because it was not approved. The operating system reported error 2147942405: Access is denied.

I have written a SCCM report to pull back the resource name so you can then go and approve it or investigate further. Create a new SCCM report with the following SQL query:

select * from v_R_System where v_R_System.SMS_Unique_Identifier0=@GUID

In the prompts section, create a value with the name GUID. Now when you run the report, you will be prompted for the GUID value – enter it in the format of GUID:2904FFA9-C49D-48B3-BE9B-D4B4FFEF7C96. This will now return the resource / computer name.



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